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Veronica FM: Going Back To Great Music And Great Times

When you’re a fan of the music of 80s and 90s, than Veronica Radio online is what you really need. They say that those were the best times for music, when people were sincere and the world was much better. If this is the idea you support, listen to Radio Veronica. The music of that time meant something, and it raised a desire to rock out. If you wish you were living in that great time, look no further than Veronica Radio. Frequencies: 1639 kHz / 183 M and 1562 kHz / 192 M/

Some Facts From The Station’s History

Today Veronica is a famous Dutch offshore station. It was opened in April 1960 in Scheveningen, Holland. This station started airing its programs from the Borkun Riff. At that time it was comparatively conventional and the station only acquired its audience. As for today it boasts the fact it’s liked by people of Holland and by those, who like to listen to this radio online. Language barriers play no role, since the music is so great. Internet gives a chance to join the station right now.

Back To The Future!

Veronica’s playing the best tracks form the 80s and 90s. Though the songs are pretty old, the station can become your new friend and a guide in the world of true music. When you wish to know more information, you can visit its webpage and start listening the music online.

You can listen alive 24 hours a day and 7 days a week. Visiting its website, you’ll find lots of interesting information there as well. The page has many links to various radio programs. Some of them include a 24 hour news channel and lots of cool stuff that you’ll never find anywhere else.

Veronica provides its listeners both with the best music and news about starts and their albums.

A cool thing about Veronica Radio live is the fact there’s the TOP 80s TOP 880. What does that mean? That means that there are 880 best songs from 80s on the radio. You can influence this TOP list by voting for your favorite tunes on the webpage. That’s your chance to become a part of the radio’s life.

Regardless of where a person is and what he’s busy with, there is always something definitely cool he will find on Radio Veronica to spend really a great time. Define your favorite tunes and order them from time to time. This Dutch station unites continents, countries, nations and people’s hearts.

Feel the beat right away! Stay tuned with Radio Veronica! Just turn your speakers louder and listen to the best!

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