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LBC Radio: London’s Biggest Conversation

LBC 97.3 reaches 1.1 million* listeners weekly to discuss their views on the topical issues of the day. LBC radio is where the Londoners share their opinions with big personality presenters by phone or [filtered word].

LBC FM has an engaged and loyal audience over 37 years of broadcasting to London. This radio station is considered to be the real ‘voice of London’ with its regular news, business and travel updates. In fact, everything that happens in London will be heard about on LBC 97.3.

LBC presenters are regarded as some of the greatest communicators in UK radio. James O’Brien, Nick Ferrari, James Whale, Andrew Pierce, Julia Hartley Brewer, Ken Livingstone and Simon Calder are the multi award-winning ones.

LBC is the only radio station to join the intellectual debates and hear expert opinions. These are the listeners who inspire LBC outstanding conversations.

LBC 97.3 is available

  • on 97.3 FM in Greater London
  • on Sky 0124 across the UK
  • at online

LBC was the first independent commercial local radio station that began broadcasting on 8 October 1973.

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