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Hot 108 Jamz: #1 for Hip Hop&Live from New York City

Hip hop is a kind of musical expression and an artistic subculture. It originated in both Hispanic-American and African-American communities during the 1970s. This is New York City, specifically the Bronx, where DJ Afrika Bambaataa outlined DJing, MCing, B-boying and graffiti writing, 4 pillars of hip hop culture. Since then this music format has spread either to urban and suburban areas throughout the world. The first disc jockeys, creating their rhythmic beats, emerged to our lives, didn’t they?

If it is Sunday, there is no time better than to tell your friends about Hot 108 Jamz radio. Going to their website at will give their sponsors a bunch of clicks. And surely many of you may like this world famous station on Facebook. Especially knowing they have got some big things planned for the spring of 2012.

Hot 108 Jamz may definitely offer the staff one has been searching for all his life. About 1,581 users are usually online every evening and around 20,164 of them are listening hip hop live.

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Hot 108 Jamz staff of DJ’s&management

*Joey B. is a program director and operations manager;

*Perry J. is an assistant program director and music director;

*Tyler Mackie is responsible for APD;

*DJ’s: Marc ‘Da Spark’, ‘Jammin’ Jamal, Quan, Terell&Arthello on weekends;

*DJ Mixers: DJ Xtc Mixer.

Weekly Top 30, new albums, lyrics, Top8kl@8 and yearly Top 100 jamz – listen to all this now and chat live forum, make your request or rate the jams. Different contests, FAQ and new releases are only on Hot 108 Jamz!

Hurry up.

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